Senior Ruby Back-end Engineer

Posted on August 24th, 2019

The Job Description

Springboard Retail is the leading point of sale and retail management software, designed specifically to empower brands and retailers to harness their data and sell more profitably. You will design, build and maintain our Ruby on Rails-based backend infrastructure. You will also partner closely with a range of colleagues including other developers, QA engineers, product managers, and decision makers across the company. You will actively mentor a team of developers through pairing and design sessions, serving as an example of best practices, and encouragement of team knowledge sharing.

The Important Details

Springboard Retail

💸 Budget (Est.) $50K - $70K
🗺️ Timezone Preference Anyone can apply.
🚀 Project Type Contract
🤹 Required Services Ruby, JavaScript, HTTP/REST/JSON API design, SQL database design, RSpec, Linux
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