Front-End React.js Developer

Posted on August 9th, 2019

The Job Description

We help journalists bring their content to where it matters in ways that matter. At Kerngedanke, we’re building a SaaS web app for content creators (journalists in particular) to enable them to invest more of their time into researching and creating great content by saving time and effort with adapting their stories to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn et al. We’re looking for fellow hackers to help us with getting our MVP and the next couple of iterations of our product into the hands of our early adopters (as of now: five media institutions with origins in private and public media, TV, radio and print)

The Important Details


💸 Budget (Est.) $50 - $80 USD per hour
🗺️ Timezone Preference Anyone may apply. If possible, state your availability in the GMT+2 timezone.
🚀 Project Type Part-Time or Full-Time
🤹 Required Services Experience with JavaScript & React.js Experience with talking to GraphQL backends and TypeScript development are a plus.
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