Front-End Developer (UX/UI)

Posted on August 4th, 2019

The Job Description

FreeGuides is a platform that enables travelers to join tours led by locals in any city in the world. The uber of free walking tours. It empowers the everyday person to generate interactive and engaging tours, enabling locals to make money off their knowledge of their own city. By creating the FreeGuides platform travelers of all socioeconomic levels will be able to explore their destination and even their own cities. Lead front end developer for the FreeGuides mobile app. The intention is to finalise our MVP in three months. The individual who fills this role will be working in a small startup and will be required to work independently, display initiative and adjust quickly to change. The foundations of the app are already created. The role will involve working collaboratively with another developer to improve the front end design.

The Important Details


💸 Budget (Est.) $20K - $30K
Project Timeline 3 Months
🗺️ Timezone Preference Anyone can apply
🚀 Project Type Contract
🤹 Required Services Graphic Design, User Experience Design, UI/UX Design, UI Design
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