Land lucrative remote freelance projects without a fancy portfolio or wasting time marketing.

In this free 5-day email course, you'll learn the 5 myths you must overcome to succeed as a remote freelancer.

Here's what you'll learn:
How to find good remote projects that need a freelancer right now, without getting underbid on marketplaces or sending flyers.
How to contact clients in a way that increases your chances of landing the project, without a fancy portfolio. (It's not what you think)
How to avoid feast-or-famine using an easy 10-minute-a-day method. (We'll tell you where to look)

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“I don’t know how to find and apply to good remote freelance projects…”

Freelancers tell me that a lot when I ask, "What's the biggest thing holding you back from landing projects?" Here are some of the others that I get:

"I need to have a fancy portfolio website."

"I need to join marketplaces and compete with cheap freelancers to get a project.”

"I need to create a lot of SEO articles for Google to find clients.”

Are you experiencing any of the above? You’re not alone. I tried all the usual advice given to freelancers, too.

  • "Send flyers to local business..."
  • "Write articles so that clients find you through Google..."
  • "Go to local networking events..."
  • "Get on Fiverr and take $5 jobs so that you can build up your brand..."

None of that advice gets you what you want: Well-paying freelance positions so you can work from anywhere and be your own boss.

After years of trial and error, I learned what it takes to find good remote freelance projects, land them, and get paid.

I'm going to show you how to do it too in this free email course. You don't need a fancy portfolio. You don't need to waste your time using old methods. And, this will work even if you don't have a lot of experience.

Your Instructor

With over 5 years freelancing remotely, sending projects to freelancers, and hiring freelancers there is no better instructor than Derick to teach you how to succeed with remote freelancing.

Derick Sozo

Derick has over 5 years of experience freelancing remotely. Using the information in this course, you'll learn how he went from getting his account suspended on UpWork to landing remote contracts with companies like Hilton Hotels, Uber, IFTTT, Kidizen, Vue Mastery and more so you can do it too.

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Learn the 5 myths you must overcome to succeed as a remote freelancer.